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Metro Alpin funicular updated in Saas Fee

Metro Alpin funicular updated in Saas Fee

Published : 04-Jul-2024 02:19

Saas Fee has officially opened the new 'Metro Alpin, which runs from the Felskinn station at 2980m to the Mittelallalin station at 3456m on the Allalinhorn.

The original Metro Alpin, opened on 19 December 1984, after construction began on 01 September 1981. At the time it a pioneering achievement in mountain lift. With a 1447m tunnel, a height difference of 476 meters and access to the highest revolving restaurant in the world, the lift has transported hundreds of thousands of visitors over the last four decades.

However, to mark its 40th anniversary this year, the Metro Alpin has been extensively modernized. More than twenty companies collaborated in the design and build of the new, ultra-modern and comfortable carriages.

Each has space for 95 people and take around 4.5 minutes to cover the route. New platform doors will reduce waiting times for passengers.

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